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Jul 25 '14
"I have read my OTP fall in love a thousand times, and I shall read my OTP fall in love a thousand times more"
Me (via anihanki)

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Jul 24 '14
When your mom packs little notes in your lunch ❤️

When your mom packs little notes in your lunch ❤️

Jul 23 '14

Xo, Mrs. Dorsey ;)


Xo, Mrs. Dorsey ;)

Jul 20 '14







Ride Wit Me


you must always reblog this.

This wasn’t even scripted. They were just doing it when Ryan came in and saw and said he liked it and wanted them to do it again for the show. :’) they are perfect

I will never ever understand why they didn’t do this at least once every episode. This might be the best moment of the whole show.

Jul 15 '14

Santana’s Valerie & Brittana’s Valerie

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Jul 15 '14


AU: Santana would never break up with Brittany.

How it should have happened

This is how I’m going to pretend that scene played out.

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Jul 14 '14

I never understand in fandoms why people don’t embrace new fans. Like, instead of being like

"Owh, welcome! So glad this thing/person I support has a growing following" it’s like

"Hey, fuck off back under that rock you lived under, peasant! I’ve been here since day one!"

Fandoms are a scary place.

Jul 12 '14

Anonymous asked:

Here are some great ones shots and shorts that people should check out. 1)Not Quite Puck by noothernames 2) facebook official by superrocketable 3) six fills a minivan by justruly and longer must is Take me Anywhere by gibsongrl and the sequel.

Thanks for the recs! I have yet to move off the couch today I’m so wrapped up in my deliriously happy fanfic world! Ha

Jul 12 '14

Anonymous asked:

This is one of my favorites on FF. Catastrophic by killer cereal.

Thank you! I’ll definitely check it out! I’m familiar with that author and I usually enjoy their fics! :)

Jul 12 '14

Plan for the day:

Read Brittana fanfiction till I combust from too many feels! Recommendations welcome!